InvestorOutreachCenter Campaign

Professional (Pro) Campaign

Our Professional (Pro) Campaign includes One Year of Continuous Coverage with concurrent coverage in both the United States and Canada.

Our Professional (Pro) Campaign includes all items listed below.
North American Outreach Campaign:
  • Guaranteed Minimum 1,000+ live phone calls per month to qualified North American brokers and end retail leads.
    • Full access to our Technology & Database (250,000+ brokers / broker dealers, Financial Advisors, investment advisors, institutions and family offices across North America)
    • Customized Database: Contacts are ranked on highest likelihood of success based on accumulated data.
  • Email communication:
    • All emails approved by you to ensure the integrity of your brand.
    • Daily email drip campaign to brokers, institutions, and family offices to introduce them to your company.
    • All emails are tracked to maximize real-time engagement.
    • Press Release dissemination to your hot list.
  • Weekly & monthly reporting:
    • Weekly updates with full list of brokers, /institutions, and family offices who are engaged in your stock/story.
    • Detailed monthly report (SAMPLE Report)
Capital Markets Program: (Now Included)
  • Call and Email campaign to qualified investment professionals (tracked to maximize real-time engagement).
    • Email contains deal terms, term sheet, and company documents.
    • All emails are approved by you.
  • Weekly & Deal Close reporting:
    • Weekly updates with full list of brokers, institutions and family offices who are interested in your company/offering
    • Detailed report provided at close of deal (see link to sample above)
  • All orders are directed to your lead underwriter

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