InvestorOutreachCenter Reg. A Offering Case Study

Activities Why is InvestorOutreachCenter essential to a successful Reg A offering 31K 10K EMAILS SENT TOTAL INVESTORS 17K 285 TOTAL CALLS HOURS OF TALK TIME InvestorOutreachCenter facilitated a Regulation A Offering on behalf of Elegance Brands and acheived successes across a multitude of categories including: A successful Regulation A offering will yield thousands of potential investors from all different demographics. The challenge is that most of these investors need assistance in one form or another during the process. If you don’t have a large, sophisticated team to help these investors with minimal lag time, you will lose investors and lose potential capital. This is where InvestorOutreachCenter becomes your solution. InvestorOutreachCenter’s team of 70+ trained professionals. Handle all investor inquiries by phone and by email in a timely and efficient manner. InvestorOutreachCenter’s Reg A services include, but are not limited to: • Inbound and outbound call services • Email communication • Help the investor navigate the investment portal for all types of investments • (Company/LLCs, Trusts, IRAs, personal & joint accounts) • Follow-up with investors for documents needed to pass through the Anti-Money Laundering portion of the process • Contacting investors with unfunded accounts • Answering investor questions about the company • Keeping investors up to date on important dates and deadlines • Handling investors’ incentive requests Calls • 17, 946 calls over the completed offering. • 12,788 inbound calls received. • 5,158 outbound calls made by salesteam. • InvestorOutreachCenter spent 285 hours on the phones engaging, guiding and helping Elegance investors. 1 Emails • 31, 374 emails over the completed offering. • 19,635 inbound emails received. • 11,739 outbound emails sent by salesteam. 2 Successes • InvestorOutreachCenter serviced 10,182 investors across 50 States and 65+ countries, which amounted to over USD $20.6 million funded. 3