InvestorOutreachCenter Summary

Leverage our team of 70+ sales professionals to mass-market your capital raise to Investment Advisors, Institutions and Family Offices across North America. > Raised Capital for 115+ issuers > Sucessfully closed 150+ offerings > Total transactional value of $3.26B Market the offering nationally while calling all brokers in the syndicate and reaching out to all engaged members of the selling group. Launch an email campaign highlighting the offering to every investment advisor, family office, and institutional investor in the country all while tracking engagement to prioritize leads for follow up phone calls. We provide a list of engaged brokers interested in or purchasing the financing in addition to a detailed final report highlighting all of InvestorOutreachCenter’s activities made during the offering. OUTREACH EMAIL CAMPAIGN REPORTING  IPO’s + RTO’s  Follow-on Offerings  Prospectus Offerings  Private Placements  SPAC’s  Flow-Through Offerings Capital Raises Performance Since 2017